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Personalized Blanket Wraps

Now you can be warm and cozy (and still get things done) with these fun, work-while-you-wear-them blankets with sleeves. Created with an extra measure of comfort, these tip-to-toe, toasty blanket wraps keep you completely (and we mean completely!) covered, while also offering sleeves so you can move about the house. Super-soft, 100% polyester fleece (?) means you’ll be relaxing in fluffy contentment, plus there are two large pockets that even keep your hands warm if you’re not working as you “wear.” So what’s not to love? These snug-as-a-bug fleece blankets come in kid sizes as well as adult, which means the entire family can enjoy a sleepy Saturday.

Die Designs für diesen tollen Deckenumhang reichen von Hobbymotiven und Unterhaltsamem bis hin zu Film und Kultur. Da ist einfach alles dabei! Wähle das Motiv, das dir am besten gefällt, oder gestalte deinen eigenen, individuellen Deckenumhang.